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Friday, October 13

Opposition to Iraq War Growing in the U.S. South

The Progressive South

The Institute for Southern Studies reports – "Despite strong early support for the Iraq war in the South, the region’s opposition to the war now matches national levels –- and by some measures frustration is higher in the South than elsewhere in the country.... The survey reveals that Southerners, after showing disproportionate support for the war early on, now doubt U.S. policy in Iraq just as strongly as people in other regions of the country, and in some cases more so."

Some examples from the study:
The U.S. "should have stayed out of Iraq: 57% Southerners; 58% nationally
“Very sad” about the course of the war: 62% Southerners; 56% nationally
U.S. should "withdraw completely" from Iraq: 30% Southerners; 26% nationally
Support a decrease or withdrawal of U.S. troops: 56% Southerners; 59% nationally
Said zero is "an acceptable number of U.S. military deaths" in Iraq: 63% Southerners; 68% nationally
Said no additional dollars should be spent: 50% Southerners; 47% nationally
(highlights from the poll comparing southern states, non-southern states and national here in PDF)

Here's a state by state listing of casualties in Iraq.

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