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Wednesday, October 25

Omaha, Nebraska, Town Ordinance

Omaha, Nebraska has issued a Town Ordinance banning smoking in all public places. That includes streets, parks, all public places where you actually exercise your rights as a citizen. I don't understand, if the substance is not prohibited, under what law or Constitutional guidance, you prohibit the use of it!?

To make it criminal, the Town encourages it's citizens to turn in the violators on their streets, by calling 911 if they see a smoker. This Hysteric Country has lost it's mind. Besides all the problems, should we now swamp the 911 operators with 25 000 calls and pre-empt the calls that come in for real crime?

Just as a footnote. Smoking does not cause cancer. Cancer is inherited genetically; smoking may help develop cancer in those that have the Virus in them. Likely, 50% of the population doesn't have the virus and they can smoke 'till the cows come home, and won't get cancer.

On the brighter side, smoking reduces the chances of Alzheimer, as does pot too, help people lose weight, and spark brain cells for better analysis....

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