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Friday, October 13

The Internet May Save Us All

Both through its Humor and its ability to INSTANTLY upload stories and visual proof from citizen journalists across the globe. You Tube is one way that multiple people can use their cam corders, cell phones and digicams to preserve, prove and convince others that what they have seen, what they are telling us is the truth.

Because of the internet many of us can educate ourselves, share our opinions and some have even taken it upon themselves to gather this information and share it with the rest of the world. We have the abilty to share our thoughts, feelings, rantings and loves with billions of people from nearly every corner of the world.

It is no longer within the grasp of political hacks to keep information from the people. I know how easy it is to fraud an ISP address and access sites that are closed to everyone but residents of 'that' country. Anyone with a computer, a little skill and a good connection is able to literally travel the world in the span of a few minutes. Anyone with a website and some bandwidth can host a video feed or pages of documentation.

This is one of the many little things that America's current administration underestimated. While certain fractions of the country may be willing to turn a blind eye to the truth, there are many, many others who are actively out there in cyberspace LOOKING for the truth. We can't be lied to anymore, the truth cannot be censored; we cannot be told that the death toll is 'only' 300k when we can go online and see every major news outlet abroad is reporting 655k.

We cannot be told that we are fighting for democracy abroad when our own democratic rights are being stolen away on our own soil. We cannot be convince that America is right no matter what when with one or two clicks we can read newspapers from all over the world that are decrying America's human rights violations. We read of Haliburton construction projects that are designed to hold Bush's political prisoners; we read of men so filled with hate that they break into schools and kill little girls; we read of politicians targeting children and other politicians turning a blind eye to these same actions.

And unlike Vegas, what happens on the internet goes everywhere. There is always a copy of everything on the internet, much like the vaunted Rule 34 (if you don't know it, just ask), if it exists, someone, somewhere now has a copy of it. Is it on a server, on the hard drive, on hundred of cookies scattered across personal computers, do YOU know what is in your history file? Even if you put a page up for only 60 seconds, that page is now archived and with enough searching it can and will be found.

This has become a horrible sticking point for many of our politicians. No longer can 'I was misquoted' or 'I do not recall' be used as excuses. Today nearly everyone has a camera cell phone, many can even take video feeds and those can be immediately sent to the internet. There is no time for film to be confiscated, to remove and insert a blank memory card takes seconds, data that can bring down the corrupt can now be stored on an electronic board the size of a thumbnail.

So remember, as much as 'Big Brother' is watching us, American is now watching Big Brother. In the end it will all come down to who flinches first.

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