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Monday, October 30

the infection is oozing

One of the reasons I started blondesense was to document my descent into hell, that is my awakening to the fact that I had been deceived for almost 50 years by my religion and my government. Furthermore, my very parents, the two people I trusted most in the whole world, were also hoodwinked by it all. I don't blame them though. I don't blame most Americans who hadn't seen this coming. It's scary shit. But people really gotta wake up now because the bad guys are religious and have nukes.

Growing up Catholic in the 50's and 60's was very sacred. Priests and nuns were considered above reproach. If you got smacked at school for nothing, it didn't matter because your parents always believed that the clergy could do no wrong. It's no wonder that children rarely spoke out against the abuse that took place- no one would believe you anyway. Catholic guilt taught us that if something bad happened to us, God was punishing us for something that we had done to hurt him (apparently God took everything very personally and prozak hadn't been invented yet). Gospel truth a la 1963: John F. Kennedy was a saint, priests were Jesus' representatives on earth and nuns were married to Jesus. The policemen are always the good guys, respect authority, join the military and kill for your country because America was always right. Don't ask questions. End of story.

So here I am again reading yet another story A Pedophile Priest Speaks Out about the Catholic Church literally fucking the flock. It's a story of yet another priest who fucked little girls and babies, mind you, who just got moved from parish to parish for 20 years until the shit hit the fan and he was jailed for a time then sent to live in Ireland as a free person. His story is made into a new movie: "Deliver Us From Evil,'' the story of Oliver O'Grady. It is also an indictment of Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, who was bishop of the Stockton Diocese from 1980-85 and knew of O'Grady's perversion all along.

In interviews with O'Grady, he said "I should've been removed and attended to. And he (the cardinal) should have then attended to the people I'd harmed. I wish he'd done that.'' How do you like that? The criminal was placing the blame on his boss for allowing him to perpetrate his crimes against humanity. Yes, there is a special place in hell for the Cardinal and the clincher is that the pervert priest who allegedly even had sex with a 9 month old baby is also free to walk the earth. He is supposedly in hiding now that the movie is being released.

Since Constantine had his vision and faith/spirituality became religion which then merged with politics and war, nothing has changed. It appears to have been one huge ongoing cabal that's now coming to a head like an enormous festering pimple on the ass of humanity.

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