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Monday, October 16

I think our 2 Party System in this country is our BIGGEST THREAT

I really think WE are going to do each other in!
Here is a fine example. Democrats, Republicans Blame Each Other For `Failed Policies' On North Korea

Of course, we all know what the 'other' side says OVER and OVER and OVER -- ready...all together...."It's Clinton's fault"

and we tend to listen to the experts, or at least explore for ourselves:

"Experts continue to debate the value of the Clinton and Bush policies toward North Korea. In October 1994, Clinton's envoys won assurances from North Korea that it would freeze its nuclear program while the U.S. and its allies helped that nation boost its energy supplies.

Shortly before the 2000 election, Albright visited Pyongyang, and the Clinton administration believed it had laid the groundwork for Bush to make more progress.

The 2001 terrorist attacks hurt that effort, and a few months later Bush labeled North Korea part of the world's "axis of evil" and suggested that the U.S. would take military action against any nation that posed a nuclear threat."

Here is an interesting video from youtube on the subject
"Much ado about nothing"

And an article from Watching America:
'Don't Blame the Americans'

Who do you blame?

I suppose that IS an easier question than:

What are we going to do about it?

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