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Monday, October 23

How Many Years Has It Been

Still MORE remains have been found in and around the pit that once was the WTC. Didn't we just recognize the FIFTH anniversary of the attacks? Did no one think to check underground? Did no one think to check on roof tops? And we are not talking shards of a finger, in some cases we are talking entire limbs. Many relatives of victims are justifiably upset that officials are going on and on about construction and rebuilding while many obvious places where remains may have settled have not been examined.

Of course its been five years and all we have to show for a memorial is a pit as deep and as black as the hearts of the men who caused this tragedy. So I don't suppose the fact that no one has been dilgent or competent in carrying out their duties to recover the dead, notify families or make sure any and all biological contaminants have been cleared and accounted for is much of a surprise. And ghee, it really gives you a lot of hope for all the missing in NOLA too. I'm betting that we'll be finding remains there for the next 10+ years, wonder how many of them will be found in manholes, roof tops, and ditches.

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