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Saturday, October 28

Harris aims to solidify evangelicals' support for her Senate bid

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"Nothing that we believe in the world would exist without you," she says to Jewish leaders in the crowd. "We're all sort of Jewish wannabes."

Here, Harris doesn't talk about the Iraq war, oil drilling off Florida's coast or whether Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, her opponent, is too liberal.

Instead, she focuses on her love of God and gets her message out to hundreds of people without ever mentioning one line from her campaign speech.

Jews "are the chosen people," she tells the crowd, to uproarious applause and whistles. "You are the apple of God's eye."

The crowd of more than 1,000 people is part of a movement that believes Jews play a key role in the fate of Christians.

For them, the Rapture -- a miraculous event where Jesus Christ resurrects the dead and sweeps his loyal followers from the Earth -- depends on a complete restoration of the nation of Israel, including the rebuilding of the Temple on the Mount and the reclaiming of all the holy lands.

Some believe the Rapture is coming any day now.

"We have to stand with Israel," she said. "Our futures are linked."

She also condemned the United Nations for its failure to take stronger action when the terrorist organization Hezbollah attacked Israel this year.

"The United Nations should be held to account for its anti-Semitism," she said.


well, her spokeswoman says: "the campaign simply has a policy to keep some events private, especially because Harris feels she has been treated unfairly by the media in the past.

"It's kind of silly to criticize her for talking to those groups," Marks said.

"There's just an effort to get out the base."

I am speechless......

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