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Sunday, October 29

Global Warming Will Make You Poorer and Colder

UPDATE: It appears that Peter's post this morning evaporated. It was on this website but not listed in blogger. He wanted you to read this story: No climate action may spark economic crisis: report He went on to list some survival techniques for the upcoming economic crisis. The comments from that post are still online right here.
Here are some more interesting stories about global warming:

The Boston Herald editorial staff suggests that deliberate pollution of the atmosphere can cool the earth. What we need is a good volcanic eruption every two years according to them. Say what?

John F. Wasik suggests that global warming will hit your wallet. Urban sprawl may become economically unsustainable. Learn to reduce your carbon footprint (especially if we don't get enough volcano eruptions.)

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt has charged that your president censored global warming research. This news does not surprise me. After 9/11 the bushistas warned agencies to stop releasing "sensitive" information. Leahy is working to try to strengthen the country's Freedom of Information act, but faces resistance from the GOP. What the fuck is their problem? Definitely read this.

Iowa farmers are gravely concerned about the effects of global warming. Our current farming system contributes to global warming. They say that the government should not subsidize farmers who grow corn and soybeans in a way "robs the soil of nutrients and requires lots of energy." Enviromentally conscious "Farmers also are planting crops that require less fertilizer and herbicides; using alternative fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel; capturing methane gas from livestock for energy production; and harnessing wind power."

Yesterday, only sailor's foul weather gear and hip boots with lead weights in them would have kept you dry. Today you need a winter coat and a concrete wind block, tomorrow you won't be needing a jacket as autumn makes a return. Something is definitely happening with the climate.

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