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Wednesday, October 25

Fat F*ck Doesn't Deserve TV Time


While watching Scarboro last night (and cringing), it was bad enough that he argued with Bill Maher about Nancy Pelosi being a radical liberal and asking where all the moderates have gone. If she's a liberal, then I must be a commie. But Scarboro was dutifully repeating the Rovian talking points that he is paid to deliver. So screw him.

The worst part of the evening was the discussion about Michael J. Fox's ad for Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill, running against Fascist Sen. James M. Talent and other candidates who support stem cell research. Why oh why, did MSNBC have to play Lush Bimbo's accusation that MJF's writhing during the ad was exaggerated? How the hell does he know? Sure, Bimbo's claims were outrageous and rude, but he doesn't deserve any more publicity than what he gets from his hateful radio show.

After a big hoo hah, Rush apologized according to the article for alleging that he knows anything about Parkinson's Disease (oh wait, no he didn't. he says he won't apologize) ... and then he changed his tune to this:
"Michael J. Fox is allowing his illness to be exploited and in the process is shilling for a Democratic politician."
So the fuck what? Lush Bimbo shills for the Republicans. When it appeared that the Republicans were in trouble this election, Lush Bimbo, Sean Insanity and Dr Laura Ingrate all met with Rove in the WH for their talking points and strategy. They were all exploited for their insanity to shill for the bad guys.

The Fox And Fiends characters agreed with Limbo. May they all come down with Parkinsons some time before the end of the year.
Michael J Fox responds to Limbo, the viagra chewing sex slave customer.
The Parkinsons Disease Foundation debunks the fat fuck.
This morning, Imus chimed in: "Rush Limbaugh, a fat, draft-dodging, drug addict -- jacking his maid up, having her buy dope for him -- That fat son of bitch, I mean, enough bad stuff can't happen to him."

Jesus christ, there is just no reason for this story to be in the news. But then again, it's a good way to check the character of media imbeciles.

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