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Saturday, October 14

Did Bush Know?

See Update below post

Turns out that Foley was snubbed by the president in 2004.

Foley wrote to Gov. Bush on Sept. 29, 2004: "Have I done something to offend the White House ... I am always getting the shaft ... they came to ft pierce a few weeks ago and said I was not allowed to attend ... yet joe negron is there ...


"Tomorrow Potus is in Martin County and I am told I am not allowed to be there either. I can't quite figure what I have done but this is a continuing pattern of slights ... I have constantly put the President in the best possible light on everything from haiti to hurricanes ... sorry to trouble you ... and I wouldn't if this wasn't so frequent ..."
from the palm beach post (the link works now) and read the comments too.

UPDATE Oct 15th: What made White House shun Foley?
Help solve the mystery

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