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Wednesday, October 18

Corn Hole of the Week

George Carlin is right, "we just don't use the word CORN HOLE enough"! So, in honor of Carlin, I wish to forget about our 'douchebag of the week', (for this week anyway), and give out the 'Corn Hole of the Week' award to MARK FOLEY.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Mark Foley plans to reveal the name of a clergyman he says abused him as a teenager, a move his attorney said would deflate claims the former congressman fabricated the allegations as an excuse for sending sexually explicit e-mails to teenage pages.

Gerald Richman, Foley's civil attorney, said Tuesday that Foley has been "keeping this deep dark secret inside of him for many years."

If there is one person who should know the importance of dealing with what 'happened' to them and the harm that could be done to others by keeping 'quiet'-- it would be Mark Foley. He knows all about how this works. That was one of his jobs.

He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. And he certainly appeared to be having a good time from what I have read and heard.

What a Corn Hole.....

Here's the story.

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