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Thursday, October 19

and so, ALL the world's a stage...

I can ALWAYS count on Pierre Tristam for a great read! Thank goodness, because today was looking pretty grim. I still have not read any of the stories below.

I just read this one though, from Mr. Tristam:
Flags of Our Liars From Iwo Jima to Baghdad

Clint Eastwood is featured in today’s editions of Le Monde... previewing “Flags of Our fathers,” which premiered in Beverly Hills on October 9 (it opens in the rest of the solar system on Friday).

The article tells the story of the famously iconic flag-raising at Iwo Jima, as rendered by Joe Rosenthal’s photograph, and Eastwood’s retelling of the story’s variously cynical, variously faked angle. But it also quotes Eastwood, who first saw the flag-raising picture in newspapers, when he was 15 in 1945, saying this: “Anyway, there remains this photograph by Joe Rosenthal. It’s unbelievable. An involuntary work of art. Never could a photographer have managed such a cliché intentionally. Rosenthal was the first to recognize it. The wind was blowing just right, light was optimal, the six soldiers’ position, the light at that point in the day. A miracle.” Well, no: a staged miracle, which was just what the Marines, who’ve never been above a good shot of PR, wanted.
(I don't remember if I knew this about "THE PICTURE" or not? Isn't that awful....about my memory, I mean)


He also has a wonderful success story for us 'advocates for music in education'

Take Five What We Live For

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