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Tuesday, October 17

300 Million and counting.... America reaches a milestone

Here's MSNBC's Story

It’s not easy estimating the exact number of people in a country the size of the United States. It gets even more complicated when you take into account illegal immigration, another reason for the federal government to let the milestone pass quietly.

This year, there’s a good chance the 300 millionth American has already walked across the border from Mexico.

Here's NPR's Story, I mean stats.

And the 200 millionth American is glad to let spotlight move on.

Here is what he has to say:

Growing up, he didn't understand the special distinction until his parents told him it was because he represented "the average American."

While the Atlanta attorney, born of a Chinese immigrant, considers it an honor, he now laughs at the whole concept of average for this diverse nation.

"There's no typical American," he said Tuesday, with a view of his native city sprawling behind the tall windows of his 36th-floor law office. "You've got to see us for all our diversity."

Do you think we can continue expanding (at 1 born every 11 seconds) into a multicultural country/society? Can it work? Maher raised this question last night. I'm waiting for the transcript to pop up (I fell asleep right when Dobbs was going to answer).

What are your thoughts?

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