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Tuesday, October 24

"1st and Ten -- not THEM again"

Wish I could think of a joke about the difference between a political debate and a football game. Quite a few parallels whilst clicking between Giants/Cowboys and Lamont/Leiberman last night. With so much rah rah going on between the two stations, and the fighting over the remote, all I wanted to do was to bury my head in my pillow. I actually started drooling at the thought, and almost put my thumb in my mouth on the climb upstairs. I was asleep in 30 seconds. BOY! I missed all the excitement. Thank goodness!

FDL has complete coverage if anyone is interested.

Evidently after the debate Lieberman walked up to Ned and said "You goddamn sonovabitch," and something to the effect of "how dare you run those direct mail pieces accusing me of voting for the energy bill in 2005 because of campaign contributions from the oil companies." Joe's losing it.

Joe Lieberman said in 2005 that “The health of the Long Island Sound is crucial to our region’s economy, quality of life and heritage.” Yet just a few months after saying that, he was the only Democrat in the New England to vote for President Bush’s Energy Bill – a bill that strips Connecticut’s right to prevent Long Island Sound from being the site of potentially hazardous liquid natural gas terminals

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