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Friday, September 22

Why Can't A Whole Bunch of Us Do This Across The Country?

A former GOP congressional candidate from Nashua NH recently filed for a restraining order barring bush and cheney and other “unnamed defendants actively engaging in acts of war against Iran and Syria in the guise of the war against terrorism” from bombing Syria or Iran. She asserted that congress has not challenged bush's "authority" to fight the so-called "war on terra" and furthermore fears for her health from radioactive fallout. Her case was rejected by the court. Ms. Maxwell plans to appeal to higher courts.

Story here. Her lawsuit here. Her request for a restraining order here.

What if hundreds, or thousands of Americans followed suit? Even if denied, wouldn't it send a strong message? Especially if there is a chance that radioactive fallout would harm citizens of the world?

What say the legal eagles (Red State Blues, Texas Jaye and others)?

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