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Monday, September 18

What do you get when you mix a rich Iranian/American woman with a US and Russian space crew?

You get The First Female Space Tourist!

I was over at The Big Brass Blog (Dark Wraith's amazing new endeavor! -- check it out) and came across this story on the NPR newsfeed over there.

Well, all I can say is: Good for you lady! It must be nice.....

Hey, don't get me wrong; the idea of space travel is cool! I understand there are a lot of benefits to space exploration -- it really is amazing when you think about it. Who knows, maybe if I had an extra 20mil, I'd check it out too. I should be excited for her. She's worked (studied) hard all her life. Her family had to leave their country after the Islamic revolution -- in part because "the opportunities for a young girl to study science were becoming limited there."

Ansari said she expected seeing Earth from space would alter her view of the planet. "You'll see how small and how fragile the Earth is compared to the rest of the universe," she said. "It will give us a better sense of responsibility." (REALLY! -- is that what it takes?)

Well, she "hopes to inspire girls in her homeland to study science". EXCELLENT!! You go girl! I agree, we need more woman scientists -- we need more women everywhere!

Actually I can think of 20 million better ways she could have helped the women in Iran.

What do you think?

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