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Thursday, September 21

Update on Mayhem and Destruction Pool

Just to show everyone that you need to have a twisted sense of humor to work in healthcare and/or have Santorum as Senator (man, he's been freaking out HUGELY over the past two weeks, hasn't he - bwhahaha) I thought I would just do a quick post of our front runners in the Death, Destruction and Mayhem pool we're running in the ER. I think you may notice a disturbing trend:

  • 1] Birdflu/mystery illness that occurs 2 weeks prior to elections (now and/or 2008) keeping ppl away from the polls
  • 2] Terror attacks (domestic) that hit just prior to elections
  • 3] Assassination (successful or attempted) on an Allied leader by
  • 3a. Man of middle eastern descent
  • 3b. Katrina survior
  • 4] Mysterious death of W in 2007 leading way for Cheney to take over the reigns AND become nomination for 2008
  • 5] Major natural disaster - this one is a toss up between storms or earthquakes
Anything you think should be added? We actually have a list of 12 with a pot of close to $120 at this point. I'm sure it will get quite a bit higher as dates come and go and the odds pare down. Oh, and if no one wins? We go to the Chicken Lounge for a get together.

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