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Monday, September 18

Torture Is Wrong

by guest blogger Auntie Roo
Torture is Wrong

Torture is a morally bankrupt practice perfected by the worst villains in human history. It is a vile institution that so undercuts the righteousness of whomever practices it, that other nations band together to prosecute its perpetrators. There is a special cell in the Hague, and a special ring of hell for those who take the public trust and commit war crimes in the people's names. America is the country that is most responsible for building this moral fortress in the world. We sent our Justice Robert Jackson to Nuremberg to speak with moral clarity about those acts which not even war can justify. (Torture is Wrong by Stephanie Dray)
However the delusional moral midget that wrote "Will we fight terrorism or not?" doesn't think so. He's so far gone over-the-edge with the screaming meemies that he wants our country to engage in the interrogation/torture practices of the television fantasy "24". Roll that twisted thought around in your mind for awhile.
Thank God for Jack Bauer.

The fictional hero of the television series "24" may be the only true defense we have against terrorism in this country. We just have to hope and pray that Osama and the other cave-dwelling Muslim terror rats get Fox on their satellite service.

If they do, and they watch counter-terrorism agent Bauer interrogating murderous vermin using any means necessary, they may actually start to worry that the American people have the will and strength to defend themselves against any enemy using whatever means is necessary.
And when he says "whatever means necessary" he means it. Humiliating and degrading treatment? No problem. Waterboarding? That's fine by him.

He's so terrorized by thoughts of the Big Bad Islamic Boogeyman(tm) that even Dubya's plans to throw out the Geneva Conventions doesn't make him feel safe enough.
Which brings us back to Jack Bauer.

He doesn't follow the Geneva Conventions either. If he catches a terrorist, and he thinks there is even a chance the guy will be able to provide information that will save innocent American lives, he doesn't mess around by calling Sen. McCain for permission to interrogate — he shoots the terrorist in the leg. After that "warning shot," he puts the gun to the terrorist's head. Every once in a while the gun goes off. Usually, Bauer feels bad about it, but not as bad as the terrorist.

And you know what? Bauer usually wins. Maybe HE will run for president in 2008. We could sure use him.

I have only one thing to say to the WATBs out there who want America to legalize torture because they're pissing their pants with fear: Not while I'm living and breathing, buckaroo!

So I leave you with this call to action from Stephanie Dray. And from your Auntie Roo...
Torture is wrong.

As I said, that is not a political statement; it is a moral one. But only politicians can stop our government from torturing. And that is why I implore you, from whatever political party you hail, to search deep within yourself. Ask yourself what you can tolerate being done with your tax dollars, being done in your name. Think of what you might tell your children, whether they are yet born or not, when they ask you what you did when the country was debating whether or not we should truly remain a member of the civilized world. Please call your Senators and tell them the plain, undeniable truth. That no matter how you 'redefine' it, or quibble over how much cruelty is too cruel, one undeniable fact remains.

Torture is wrong.
-Auntie Roo

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