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Saturday, September 16

The Terrists Are Coming

Yesterday, the pretzel informed us that the terrorists are coming back. Do they want us to think that al Qaida is going to don a sombrero and sneak over the Mexican border?

Just in time for election day, the house approved a US-Mexican border fence. Long Island's only Rep. congresscritter, Peter King, said that "the separate fence bill was needed to show Americans "we can take meaningful action to secure the border."" (King is up for re-election on L.I. Gawd help us.)

I think this means that they are appeasing certain voters, but have no intention of doing anything about it. Pretty much like the abortion debate. They aren't going to do anything about it. They just talk about abortions to get votes and then blame the Democrats and so-called "activist judges" for holding it all back.

How are they going to pay for it? Chertoff didn't give NY money for counter-terrorism in favor of funding possible anti-terror measures at a mule parade and other assorted "terror magnets" across the USA. What makes those living on border states think that they will get a dime for a fence? Look at the big hole in the middle of NYC- it's a talking point for the GOP. Does anyone think that the GOP would build a fence across another talking point?

I did some research and lo and behold, the minute men in Arizona and New Mexico are willing to build the fence and pay for it via contributions. I'd say, knock yourselves out fellas, but you'd be tresspassing on Halliburton federal land. I smell a no bid government contract in there if anything were ever to happen.

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