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Monday, September 11

Secret Prisons, Lying Us Into War and CIA Insurance Policies

How can we forget the big deal that was made when Dana Priest of WaPo revealed that the CIA has secret prisons almost a year ago? The wingers went crazy. How dare we know what our government is doing? Um, because they are doing it in our name?

Just last week, bush admitted that it was all true about the secret prisons, and tied it to his new theme of "keeping America safe." This came just in time to squash the ongoing congressional debate as to whether or not Rumsfeld should be fired. And no sooner did that debate end when it was revealed that Rumsfeld said he would fire any commanders that suggested that the US have a plan for post war Iraq about the time when they were thinking up ways to sell the war to the American people. That story didn't take root in the national news.

Meanwhile Condi says that we're safe but not really, and continues to spin Iraq and 9/11 together calling for more war. Unbelievable. Yesterday on MTP, DeadEyeDick continued to spew the line, 'imagine where we'd be if Saddam was still in power?' Cheney also said he didn't know if there were more terrorists in the world or less since we invaded Iraq. And just to piss off Americans who have been paying attention, he stated that yes, he still would have invaded Iraq even if they were told that Iraq didn't have WMD's.

There is so much spin coming from all directions in this administration that it only leads me to be even more convinced that everything said by the administration is political and misleading on purpose.

It seems that CIA officers aren't all that sure that the government is going to back them up if any detainees try to sue them for torture so they are now buying Legal Insurance policies that would "pay as much as $200,000 toward legal expenses and $1 million in civil judgments." But just last week, Bush called for "Congress to approve legislation drafted by the White House that would exempt CIA officers and other federal civilian officials from prosecution for humiliating and degrading terrorism suspects in U.S. custody." How nice. Meanwhile CIA counterterrorism officers are buying the insurance policies because how can you trust your government anymore?

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