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Tuesday, September 19

Oh GOOG, my BFF -- what to do - what to do......?

I've always been in awe of you, GOOG! I'm not alone either; I think you're still the most popular engine on the track. I see you practically everywhere I go -- I'm so glad you're always there for me. BAM! BAM! BAM! Whatever, whenever I need ANYTHING --in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD -- you come through!

I remember reading THIS STORY last year in TIME magazine -- I still dream of working at Google. What a place! "a sand-volleyball court, a pair of heated lap pools and, for some reason, a ball pit with dozens of brightly colored plastic balls, like the one you throw the kids into at Ikea. The dress code? "You have to wear something,"

AND "Above all, there is Google's fetishistic devotion to food; the company serves three excellent meals a day, free, to its staff, at several caf├ęs. In what passes in Mountain View for a crisis, Google has spent months trying to find a successor, or maybe two, to replace departing head chef Charlie Ayers, who once cooked for members of the Grateful Dead. A search committee has been meeting with candidates. We're not talking meat loaf and bug juice. In a recent tryout, the executive chef from an acclaimed area restaurant prepared sugar-pie pumpkin lasagna and cedar spring lamb chops." MY KIND OF PLACE! Bummer! Too bad I'll never get a job there:

"Google is on a hiring binge, adding about 100 people a week. It applies quirky tests of talent. Google once put up a billboard on Route 101, the heavily trafficked artery that links the Valley to San Francisco, that said, in its entirety:

(first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e).com

No Google logo, no recruiting pitch. Just the equation. The curious who solved it (yep, it's typed the answer into their browsers and went to that Web page, which offered another, harder problem (don't ask) that finally led to an invitation to interview at Google. The company also has inserted the "Google Labs Aptitude Test" in geeky publications like Linux Journal. It poses 21 questions, ranging from absurdly complex mathematical equations to poetic queries like "What is the most beautiful math equation ever derived?"

Best of all is your informal motto.... "Don't be evil" Well, who could ask for a better BFF than that!

I hope it will be forever. You know SO MANY secrets.

Hey, what's up with the "failure" search? I thought that was pretty cool how George W Bush showed up for the longest time as the first entry. You probably could have done something about that a while ago, but you didn't. So....what's up with this new
First google entry for 'failure'?
(well, ok -- I guess you just wanted to acknowledge those googlebombers)



we need to talk....

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