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Thursday, September 21

Oh Canada...

Some interesting stories from our neighbors to the north can be found here (Harper slams U.S. border plan) and here. (Getting closer to Uncle Sam Public kept in dark as business leads talks about North American integration)

I have not posted an update to our NAFTA discussions in a while. Here's why: last week, I came across this story about Canadians protesting the 'North American Union'. I was going to post it, along with another story by Jerome Corsi about the superhighway. Then I realized who Corsi was -- he wrote "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry". He is also a major contributor to the WND rag.

I don't think I will be discussing this topic anymore. I did attempt to get the SPP, NAU, NASCO, NAFTA, TTC, ET CETERA straight in my mind, but all I keep hearing in my head now is "Life is a highway -- and I want to ride it all night long"!! so I'm just going to stop here, enjoy the music that's playing now, and go for a ride.

I just can't seem to figure out why these topics are supposedly so hush hush in the media, but you have guys like Corsi exposing all of the "secrets" in rags like WND. Is he really doing his job as an investigative journalist or is he just a jerk who purposely misleads readers and totally exaggerates every story?

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