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Friday, September 15

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

This one sent in by Billydoom:

Charges dropped in O'Hare penis pump scare

Excerpt: Amin's odd brush with the law began Aug. 16, when the 29-year-old, his two children and his mother were going through O'Hare security on a trip to Iraq. A security guard plucked a small, black rubber object from Amin's hand luggage, and asked him about it. Unwilling to openly say the words "penis pump" while his mother stood near, Amin twice whispered something that, according to Amin, the guard misinterpreted as "bomb."

Amin, who lives in Skokie, was promptly arrested and charged with a felony. His attorney, Eileen M. O'Neill, said this week common sense demanded the Cook County state's attorney's office drop the charge.

"Right from the get-go, it made no sense that a guy who has worked as a translator for [the U.S.] Army in Iraq wouldn't know the consequences of saying, 'I have a bomb,' " O'Neill said.

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