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Thursday, September 14

Obligatory Friday Sex Post, One Day Early

This was too good to wait.

You know how we always say that it seems like "Christians" are scared of and embarrassed by sex? Joe Beam, an evangenlical preacher, thinks so too, and now he's telling his flock that they need to get out there and have "hot sex" with their spouses.

Welcome to the world of hot Christian love.

According to Beam's philosophy, most kinds of sex between married couples is okay, except for sex during menstruation (because of some weird Biblical prohibition). If the Bible doesn't prohibit it, married couples can do it: anal sex (okay as long as no one gets hurt), vibrators, masturbation, oral sex, doggie style, phone sex. Beam says go for it. The guy even provides technique advice for oral sex, and advice to men on how to make their sperm taste better. Hallelujah, the guy even supports birth control.

Now, of course, there are some limitations even for Pastor Beam. Gays are still icky, unmarried sex is still out, he won't let you have sex with your dog or sheep, you can't look at porn, and you can't pay for it.

Anyway, I found the whole article hilarious. Not that it wouldn't be nice if the so-called Christians in this country loosened up a bit and let their 17th century Puritanical hair down. I just wonder how long this guy will actually last in Fundieville.

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