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Saturday, September 23

NAFTA (again)

A few posts down (Oh Canada) I did say I was not going to bring up NAFTA -- SPP -- NAU -- NASCO, etc.. anymore. Before I do close the NAFTA issue completely, I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts about the lack of reporting on these 'secret' committees and 'secret' meetings. According to Joseph Farah, founder of the conservative rag World Net Daily, they are the ones that uncovered all of this. Mr. Farah asks Pat Roberts, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, what he knows about the NAFTA superhighway:

"There's nothing I'm aware of in any authorization bill. I don't know where these things get started. This is one of those blogosphere things that makes you wonder what's going on."

Now, given that Roberts made an allusion to the Internet in this response, I get the feeling he knows precisely where this thing got started – right here at WND. This is not the blogosphere, however. This is WND, one of the largest news sources on the Net.

This is not a rumor.

This is not conjecture.

This is not conspiracy mongering.

This is simple reporting of what is public information on the public record.

Here is Mr. Farah's full commentary.
(doesn't he look like Bobby Badfingers?)

I just can't help wonder what rush bimbo's buddy, Mr. Farah, is up to with this constant reporting of NAFTA, etc.... and why is he one of the few "news sources" doing so?

I guess I'm just looking to file this topic under FARCE, once and for all... so whattaya think....file it?

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