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Wednesday, September 20

More election time lies

The only Republican congressman on Long Island (we also have 4 Democrats whom you hardly ever hear from), Peter King, who is known for his outspoken Rovian talking points that usually have nothing to do with Long Island interests, has a Democratic opponent, David Mejias. As usual, Mr King is making false accusations. He claims his opponent is taking contributions from "radical" Long Island Muslim extremists- from the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury and from the president of the Long Island Muslim Society in East Meadow. Well it turns out that Peter King has also taken contributions from the same groups (and they are not radical extremists). So what else is new? See the article in Newsday for details.

We gotta get rid of this guy. He's ruining it for the whole country as he is also the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and also serves on the International Relations Committee.

Visit Dave Mejias' campaign website to find out more and maybe make a contribution in order to unseat wingnut, Peter King.

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