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Wednesday, September 20

Let's Trash Ted!!

From Editor & Publisher -- Ted Turner says the media, especially in the US, should work harder to cover all parts of the world honestly and intelligently...AND Ted even said some nice things about women, --"men should be barred from public office for a hundred years in every part of the world." and -- As for women: "If we had women holding all the public offices, the amount of money on the military would be immediately cut way back and more would be spent on healthcare and education," Turner said. "There wouldn't be lack of family planning or birth control if the women ran things."

SO, maybe I should cut him some slack? (I just hope he didn't say those nice things about women with that TT smirk on his face)

And maybe he DOES put his money where his mouth is. I understand he has put up a lot of $$ for The United Nations and (their) causes around the world!

And....Turner expressed his hope that the next U.S. President would be a "great leader who thinks ahead, like Al Gore." He suggested the audience help convince Gore to run because "we can't afford to waste another eight years."

I'm starting to like this guy! -- how about you?

OK TED -- Don't you own a couple of TV Networks?
How about you turn TNT into a 24/7 "honest and intelligent" news source with the likes of Olberman, Stewart, maybe a special blog segment? Let the women run the show. Sponsor Al Gore for President. SHIT! Just imagine......

COME ON TED! Help us out here Cowboy! You could round up quite a posse!!


Here's the full story from reuters. He also said:

" would be a much kinder, gentler, more intelligently run world. The men have had millions of years where we've been running things. We've screwed it up hopelessly. Let's give it to the women."

(Jane learned him well!)

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