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Thursday, September 14

Irony Alert: clown vs clown vs clown

The president of Kazakhstan is flying to the US to meet with our president to discuss the effects of Sacha Baron Cohen's character, Borat, a bumbling Kazakhstan TV host, whom you may know from Da Ali G Show on HBO. Borat says he enjoys the free American prostitutes at the beach, left.

Kazakhstan's president Nazarbayev wants to talk to our own national clown about the effects of Cohen's character on the world wide view of Kazakhstan (I didn't know we had one). Cohen has a new film out about Borat and this has stirred controversy because it gives a negative view of real life in Kazakhstan according the country's president.

This blonde cannot understand how Mr Nazarbayev would expect Mr. Bush, our own worldwide laughing stock who makes US citizens look like war monger imperialists or Nazi sympathizers to "get it." But that is just some of the stuff that makes life more interesting, I suppose.

On Cohen's website, He responds to all the legal threats by the Kazakhstan government:
Baron Cohen responded to Ashykbayev in character by posting a video on the Official Borat website.

In the video, Borat said, "In response to Mr. Ashykbayev's comments, I'd like to state I have no connection with Mr. Cohen and fully support my Government's decision to sue this Jew.

"Since the 2003 Tuleyakiv reforms, Kazakhstan is as civilized as any other country in the world.

"Women can now travel on inside of bus, homosexuals no longer have to wear blue hats, and age of consent has been raised to eight years old."
Bwahahahaa. Get a sense of humor, Kazakhstan. Look what we have to deal with.

I did a little digging and found out that while Kazakhstan says they have freedom of the press in their country (they removed Borat's website with the .kz suffix though) it's pretty much like ours. Because of "national security" concerns, free speech and political expression have been limited. On the other hand, Kazakhstan boasts at 98% literacy rate. Not bad.

PS, Borat's My Space is pretty funny too.

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