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Monday, September 18

In other news...

A happy camper from "Jesus Camp" exclaimed in a new documentary, "We're a key generation to bringing Jesus back." This is scary. I'm not so sure that they mean it metaphorically. (and they worship a photo of Bush) Youths training to fight (literally) for Jesus.

So many douchebags, so little time.
What this has to do with the war on terra™, I don't know. Saxy Chambliss: “If Gen. JEB Stuart had had better intelligence, we’d all be meeting in Richmond right now.” If Chambliss had intelligence... oh nevermind.

The Taliban told ABC news that they have 500 suicide bombers ready to go. They will be attacking Kabul since the US and NATO have headquarters there. The Taliban is angry that the US attacked them.

Something's fishy in Papua. There's a shark who's walking on its fins among 52 new species of creatures.

Time Magazine examines what a war with Iran would look like. Pretty fucking bad.

And just to piss me off, NYC's Mayor Bloomberg will host a fund raiser for Joe Lieberman, who recently lost his Joementum.

What else is going on out there? I'm almost afraid to look.

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