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Saturday, September 30

Hypocritical WH has yet a new reason for the Iraq War

Remember WMDs, mushroom clouds, Saddam concocting 9/11 with Bin Laden? Remember "we better fight them there then here"? "The world is better off without Saddam"..." Saddam was an evil dictator"..."he murdered his own people" - are these familiar soundbites? Does "spreading democracy" in the Middle East ring a bell? Or, "we cannot abandon our newest ally, Iraq"?

This is yet a new rationale that the Talking Points Ideologues in the basement of the White House concocted:

US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice in an interview published Saturday, offered a different rationale for continued US military presence in Iraq, saying it was needed to counter the growing influence of neighboring Iran:

"We just have to fight tooth and nail for the victory of the Iraqis who do not want Iranian influence in their daily lives," she told The Wall Street Journal. "We've got a chance to resist the Iranian push into the region, but we better get about it."

In other news retired Lt. General Odom has the exit strategy from Iraq:

Rep. Woolsey and 15 Other Congress Members Hold Hearing on Iraq
Lt. General Odom speaks truth in basement of U.S. Capitol. The Dome shakes.
Rep. Hinchey asked Odom "How do we get out?" Odom's reply came without a pause: "Well, the Constitution gives the House the right to impeach."

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