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Wednesday, September 20

Hypocrisy to Make My Head Explode

Does Bill (Gorilla Killa) Frist (R-National Zoo) think the American public has Attention Deficit Disorder? I ask because you may have seen in today's news that the Republicans are threatening to filibuster the McCain bill in the Senate opposing The Shrubster's attempts to redefine torture under the Geneva Convention. What the fuck is that all about? Six or seven months ago, we were told by the Republican leadership that the filibuster was the vilest of Parliamentary maneuvers, weren't we? That the filibuster thwarted the will of the majority? That it was an underhanded attempt to subvert the will of the people? You remember, when the Democrats threatened to filibuster the Alito nomination? Wasn't there extensive discussion at that time that the Republicans would take the "nuclear option", whereby the filibuster would be eliminated if the Dems followed through with their threat to use it?

Up or down vote, Dr. Frist, up or down vote.

On a personal note, I cannot believe, in 2006, we are seriously debating the issue of whether it is okay to torture people. Christ on a cracker, I learned more than 25 years ago in Matt Lippman's political science classes that torture is never acceptable under any circumstances. The fact that it is even being debated as a serious topic of conversation is ludicrous in the extreme.

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