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Wednesday, September 20

Hail to those who call 'em as they see 'em:

Chavez Says U.S. Empire Will Soon Fall, Calls Bush 'Devil'

"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Wednesday that the United States would soon lose its place as leader of the free world, and that the United Nations was a broken organization that was beyond repair.

"The United States empire is on its way down and it will be finished in the near future, inshallah," Chavez told reporters, ending the statement with the Arabic phrase for "God willing."

"Chavez said that the United Nations was a "deceased" organization because it was formed to bridge the differences between the United States and Russia, and a brand new international organization would have to be formed to replace it.

"Earlier, Chavez initiated a verbal assault on President Bush, calling him "the devil" during an insult-riddled address to world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly."

A fitting salute to Buttfuckboy on this the 3-1/2 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Check it all out at the Carolina Ten O'Clock News

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