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Wednesday, September 13

Fighting a gaining battle

This article at NYTimes this morning, says Exercise = Weight Loss, Except When It Doesn’t
It's an interesing read. We're all different and we all have to try different things until they come out with the magic pill. I simply added lots of moving around and long long walks 5 times a week to see if I could break the gaining weight barrier. I didn't change my eating very much and I still drank beer a few times a week. Happily, I can report that intense sweating worked and it's still working. I dropped a few sizes over the summer and I have the stamina I thought I had lost decades ago. You thought 9/11 changed everything? Menopause changes everything. So I guess I will stick with this regime until it doesn't work anymore.

Naturally thin people need not add anything to this thread. I love you but I don't want to hear about it.

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