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Wednesday, September 27

Fascism Anyone ?

I wrote this piece two and a half year ago. How much came true?

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines fascism as "a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized, autocratic government."
There are two forms of fascism: "autocracy" and "corporatism"

Autocracy is a totalitarian regime where the government gets hold of all national resources to control public and private lives, dominated by one political party, headed by a single charismatic leader. Information and ideas are effectively organized through the control of television, radio, the press, and education at all levels. They, systemicly penetrate all levels of society, and systematically use propaganda, terror and patriotic slogans to arouse it's subjects. Example of past autocracies are Hitler's Third Reich, or Saddam's Baathist regime.

Corporatism is different fundamentally, but identical regarding the control of it's subjects. It is constituted by an alliance of "big business", "religious organizations", "broadcasting corporations", " press", "conservative groups" forming an oligarchy with a shadow government and a figurehead leader. In this form of government "the council" (shadow government) is making the decisions and the figurehead communicates the decision dressed in an acceptable lingo to the people without substantial meaning.

Secrecy and disinformation is their fundamental policy: "Wolf dressed in sheepskin"
They would call deregulation or relaxation of factory chemical releases in the atmosphere as " Clean Air Act" and name as secretary of Environmental Protection Agency a coal mine executive or lobbyist. Or, "Save our Forests Act", deregulating or relaxing the quota of cutting down trees and name as secretary of the agency a lumber company executive. ( any coincidence with real facts or people is not intended, nor is documented )

Fascism will not be referred to by it's name, since that word is tabu. Instead "planned capitalism" or "industrial policy" will be used. Everything comes in disguise like "war on terror" or "homeland security" (doesn't that ring "fatherland"?) Under the slogan "homeland security" a government may invent restrictions on liberties and name it "patriot act"; instill fear and terror in the general population, occasionally raise the terror alert level as a reminder to distract attention from economic uncertainties, unemployment, lack of health care provision to large masses, downsizing etc.

By institutionalizing the "war on terrorism" a government may acquire a rationale for expanding its powers and furthering its domestic agenda. While the nation's resources are directed toward endless war, promoting tax cuts in the midst of recession, leaving few resources available for domestic programs.

This form of fascism will sneak up on you in a disguise. Slowly it's roots will grow deeply, spreading in all directions, entangling the entire society.The ideologically driven party nurturing its own intellectuals and supporting a network that transforms the national ideology from mildly liberal to predominantly conservative, slowly pushes the Democrats to the right enfeebling opposition. The government responds primarily to corporate interests; voters become cynical, resigned and opposition decreases. It adopts a reckless unilateralism, demands unquestionable support on terms it dictates; ignores treaties and violates international law at will; invades other countries without provocation; and incarcerates persons indefinitely without charging them with a crime or allowing access to counsel.

Does any of this ring a bell?

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