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Friday, September 29

The End of America as We Know It . . . And I Don't Feel Fine

Today is a day for the history books. The Torture Bill/Detainee Act (S. 3930) was passed by the Senate early this evening by a vote of 65-34. Here is the list of Democratic traitors who voted to give Our Dear Leader a free hand:

Carper (Del.)
Johnson (S.D.)
Landrieu (La.)
Lautenberg (N.J.)
Lieberman (Conn.)
Menendez (N.J)
Pryor (Ark.)
Rockefeller (W. Va.)
Salazar (Co.)
Stabenow (Mich.)
Nelson (Fla.)
Nelson (Neb.)

Burn the names of these people and their Republican counterparts into your memory, as future generations must be taught who among our so-called representatives was willing to make America into a mirror of Latin American tin-pot dictatorships.

Of course the Grand Old Party (of torture) maintained discipline in the ranks. They were happy to march in lockstep towards their vision of the New! Improved! America (tm) that is awaiting us. We now have legal torture, all based on what the Decider decides are permissible methods. The war criminals have now been given retroactive immunity. Oh hell, I can't bring myself to list all the horrors of this law. These horrors don't just apply to "enemy combatants", they could apply to you or me or other Americans, because now there are new definitions for that too.

Read the list of horrors here: "Rushing Off a Cliff" from today's NYT.

R.I.P. America
I am overtaken with grief and heartbreak.
I mourn for all that has been lost.
Are you grieving too?

But this Monday I'll pick myself back up and get back into the fight. There is no other choice. I will not give in to despair or give up. Will you please keep fighting too?

- by Auntie Roo

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