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Sunday, September 24

Domestic Terrorism? Yawn.

David Robert McMenemy is an alleged domestic terrorist. He admits that on the morning of 9/11/01 he attempted to blow up an abortion clinic in Davenport, Iowa. Apparently, he is so distraught by the idea of abortion that he feels a deep need to blow things up. The interesting thing about this story from Talk To Action, is that the FBI didn't want anything to do with his failed attempt to blow up the abortion clinic that day. And not only because there was a bigger terrorist attack that morning, the FBI is simply not interested in helping the prosecutor in Iowa who wants to know if McMenemy has connections with other groups or if he is a lone nutjob. The FBI used to investigate anti-abortion violence, but now that domestic anti-abortion terrorists identify themselves as "christians", the FBI doesn't care anymore. Read more

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