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Friday, September 22

Chavez' Speech: Democrats fault.

Yesterday, if you happened to watch any cable "news", you'd see that the buzz was all about Chavez' speech to the UN. I have carefully read his speech and he brought up a lot of good points. Indeed George Bush acts like he is the president of the world and believes that he can bomb the world to peace. Perhaps the "devil came to this room" and the "stench of sulphur" comments were pretty over the top, but they sure got the world's attention.

Interestingly however, the talking points given to the cable "news" stations are that this is all the fault of the Democrats (and of course, they threw Clinton in there too). It's simply ludicrous since the Democrats don't do anything, can't do anything, and rarely assert themselves until AFTER they've been attacked. Democrats are war mongering, corporate profiteering, jerks too, but the mouths that make bush look bad go directly to the Republicans when they describe the atrocities being committed in our name by the president with happy assuring smiles on their faces.

Has it ever occured to ANYONE in the media EVER that bush is simply the worse president ever? That his actions do not reflect will the American people? That the American people and world leaders dislike bush, not just because he is a bumbling, swaggering, cocky, lying, unqualified for the job of world leader, but because his actions are indeed evil? If he was a good man and had some problems with public speaking, people would overlook it.

Apparently Americans did pay attention to the speech because Chomsky's book, Hegemony and Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance mentioned in Chavez' speech, rose to number 7 at Amazon overnight and is now #1. Way to go, Chomsky!

During heated debates on this subject locally, people are still misinformed. Iraq is worse now than it was under Saddam. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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