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Thursday, September 28

Big Brother Alert

Goofing Off During Work Creates Jobs
Although you may lose yours.

The watchers and computer monitoring software developers are doing fine keeping your employers up to date with your non-work activity.

The boss is watching your every click... is a rather alarmming article at

Corporations are worried about employees divulging company secrets. They are also nosy and want to know exactly is working for them. Sure, you are not supposed to be engaged in non work activities when you're on the clock, but with the advent of the internet, the bosses really know where you stand and what your interests are in more ways than you care to divulge. An email dashed off to a friend on your lunch hour may be read by your boss soon afterwards. Better not say anything about work to anyone. They can find out a lot about you before you even get hired (or not). If you work from home on your computer, even your very personal life can become the business of your employer.

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