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Saturday, September 30

And It Gets Worse

Another bill was passed this week in the House, one that prevents attorneys from " recover compensation for their fees if they successfully represent a plaintiff asserting a violation of his or her constitutional or civil rights" from the government. So, unless you have oodles of money to pay a lawyer personally the chances of you being represented when the Govnmt illegally hauls your ass off to a detention center is looking mighty slim.

It directly flies in the face of the first amendment, making the institution of a theocracy that much easier to accomplish. HR 2679 'The Public Expression of Religion Act' has effectively been rendered dead. Now those obnoxious, in your face evangelicals CAN use public funds and public places to hold, present and indoctrinate and unless you, the rightfully concerned citizen can pay a lawyer out of your own pocket to fight these anti-democracy forces....well, our children's future is pretty much doomed.

It really isn't too far a step to see the Red States using this to drive the non-existant war against christmas by INSISTING the bible, nativity and who know what else be taught to impressionable children in our public schools. Want to know why that is scary, because idiots like this will be the ones to teach them.

As it is our school children are the dumbest of any industrialized nation. Our science and math skills are laughable, many cannot read above a 8th grade level, basics in health and sex education are forbidden because of idiots who think EVERYONEs life should be based solely on a badly translated and oft edited book that they have decided to hold sacred.

As for all those neo-cons and xtian extremists who shout out over and over again about the Muslim terrorist and how they indoctrinate the foolish and the innocent. Take a good look in the mirror and open your eyes. The exact same thing is now happening here, only instead of Allah it is Jesus. The world is not now nor has it ever been black/white, there is no us/them. Those are arguments meant to divide and conquer; it is an old, old ploy and as we can see, it is still quite effective.

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