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Thursday, September 21

"Airs of Grandeur....?" (Douchebag follow-up)

Thank you READER Paul (A) for sending this link from crooksandliars!! I had missed this daily show -- John Stewart's rebuttal to Novak's comments "he's a self-righteous comedian with airs of grandeur". One of his bests yet!

Have a look if you missed it. Stewart is a riot as he tries to put on an 'air of grandeur', trying to figure out what Novak is referring to.

I really think Novak got his douchebag comments and comedy shows mixed up. He was probably thinking of the SNL skit Lord and Lady Douchebag that was done a million years ago.

For the heck of it, I googled 'airs of grandeur' and this newsbusters site came up. It's the transcript of TDS. Check out the comment section. Talk about airs of grandeur!

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