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Saturday, August 19

The War Tapes -- a documentary

I came across this movie review in the Hartford Advocate for the documentary "The War Tapes, Filmed By Soldiers In Iraq, Tells The Story Of The War That Tv News Can't Seem To Get."

This is the first I have read about the film.
Has anyone seen it yet, or read any articles about it? It was released in May, but it does not appear to have made it into the news until recently.
MSNBC has an article, and I found a blog with some info.

Here is the movie trailor

Here are some more reviews from rottentomatoes

It sure looks like "Freedom IS on the march"

I'll let you know MY humble opinion after I check the film out next week -- Looks like it opens in the Hartford area on the 25th.

Oh SHIT! Isn't the world supposed to end on the 22nd or 23rd? I always miss the openings of the good ones!

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