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Wednesday, August 23

Traitor/Maggot Du Jour

This is Rocky Vaccarella. (Found video online, but no stills yet.) You can even read his "blog" of his "mission" to road-trip to D.C. and see him meet Dumbya (and then fellate him on-camera) and tell Dumbya et al that they're doing a "heckuva job," just don't "forget" about us in South Louisiana.

While he stabs the state of Louisiana in the back and blames THEM for the FEMA money not showing up yet.

From what I've seen, despite the fact that Rocky claims to have lost his home and job, he still seems pretty financially flush to me. He bought his OWN "FEMA-style" (actually, it's twice the size of a FEMA trailer) fifth-wheel camper and drove up to D.C. Some sources cited on Google say that it IS the FEMA trailer that Rocky's family was issued (and yet THOUSANDS of black people STILL haven't received trailers or been allow to inhabit the hundreds of trailers that are going unused), but that can't be true, seeing as how FEMA's been posting fliers all over the state, especially in "'hood" areas and other low-income areas, stating that "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU! DO NOT MOVE YOUR FEMA TRAILER ANYWHERE ELSE OR SELL IT! THIS TRAILER BELONGS TO THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND CANNOT BE MOVED BY ANYONE OTHER THAN FEMA/U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS." Oh, and as I already said, it's TWICE AS BIG as the standard FEMA trailer in Louisiana. How did Rocky get special dispensation from FEMA, if it's THEIR trailer?

And of course, this "conveniently"-timed little passion play comes just at the anniversary of Katrina, so that the white people in this country can go back to their apathy and their reality shows, believing this cajun-wannabe motherfucker that "everything's goin' GREAT!" and that nobody in Louisiana needs or deserves any more help. Same for the entire Gulf South.

I'm sure that somebody will accuse me of wearing a tinfoil hat because I smell a huge load of steaming horseshit smeared ALLLLLLL over this little chest-thumping, drum-banging hypocritical PUBLICITY STUNT. Lemme tell you about St. Bernard Parish, from whence Rocky hails...

In a strip mall in Chalmette, the St. Bernard Parish Republicunt Party headquarters are just DIRECTLY UPSTAIRS of the local chapter of the KU KLUX KLAN. Coincidence?

I worked many a week with mentally and physically disabled clients of a "job-training" program in and around St. Bernard, Orleans, St. James, St. John and Jefferson Parishes the last year that I was in New Orleans. The racism and cleaving to catholic-church-approved ignorance there in St. Bernard is thicker than the Vatican itself. Even when the black person being harrassed is mentally disabled, the outright bigots don't care, they see that as an example of "inferior genetics." As if they could SPELL genetics.

Now, I've met quite a few decent people in St. Bernard Parish, too. I've met Shriners who bent over backwards for poor and disabled children of all colors. I've met cops and firefighters there who did their jobs with no exceptions whatsoever for race, religion, or any other arbitrary discrimination.

But I also know an assload of people like Rocky. They might have lost every material possession in Katrina and Rita. But they had plenty upon which they could fall back in times of crisis, and because of that, have NO SYMPATHY WHATSOFUCKINGEVER for anybody who DIDN'T. They figure, if somebody is a "welfare queen" or "retard," or some other "drain on the system," or "parasite on the gubmint" --- then they DESERVE to die, starve, and suffer, because they're too "lazy" to provide for themselves. These people sound exactly like my Psycho Sister, who hates my guts because I'm on Social Security Disability & SSI. They figure that anybody who can't "pull their weight" should either live & die with their families (who should have to provide for them) or just CEASE TO EXIST. Y'know who else thought like that? You know. With the ugly little moustache and the fear of semites, gypsies and gays.

Now, I don't know enough about this Rocky to swear in court that he's a flaming bigot republicunt who MOCKS THE DEATHS AND SUFFERING OF EVERY PERSON OF COLOR in Orleans, Jefferson & St. Bernard Parishes. But I can smell the horseshit from here. Rocky's a tool. He thinks that fellating Dumbya as a self-appointed "representative" of Katrina survivors makes him a "PATRIOT." He actually said, on camera, that he wishes that Dumbya could have FOUR MORE YEARS.

I'll tellya why Rocky's there. I'll tellya why this was a "news item."

It's so that everybody will forget about the dead, dying, suffering and stranded BLACK PEOPLE of Katrina. It's to reassure the heartless cunts who wave flags and ignore genocide that it's perfectly okay to forget ALLLLLLLLL about Katrina & Rita and just go back to their fucking NASCAR and American Idol as if their beloved gubmint didn't commit an ATROCITY OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. Rocky was welcomed into the warm arms of the "president" who loves a man with a beautiful face, because he is THE PERFECT STOOGE TO MAKE IT ALL OKAY AGAIN FOR A PRESIDENT WHO HAS FAILED IN EVERYTHING HE'S EVER DONE.

Rocky went up there to tell Dumbya that he's doing "okay," but to remind America that the white victims of Katrina are "WORKING THEIR WAY OUT OF IT." In other words, "DON'T WORRY ABOUT THOSE WELFARE QUEENS, SUH --- WE'S IS AH'IGHT, DEY DON'T MATTAH!" There was even a study released today, (it was on ABC's World News Tonight today, but I can't find any reference to it on their website) by some university that I've never heard of that says if the government STOPS ALL AID to the disaster zone, then PRIVATE BIDNESS AND PRIVATE CHARITIES WILL PICK UP THE SLACK AND MAKE PEOPLE ALL BETTER FASTER.


Y'all think that would work?

Me neither.

Nothing that happens in this country is coincidental or accidental. Not anymore. Thank Rupert Murdoch. Thank Dick Cheney. Even someone who survives the worst natural disaster in our nation's history can turn around and reinforce their racisim by LYING TO THE WORLD for Dumbya's behalf. We're past the rabbit hole, kids. We're living in Bizarro World.

I've seen & heard Dumbya do a lot of racist bullshit, but I've never seen him so effectively (if awkwardly & disingeniously) use a PUPPET to spread that shit before. At least not since Scotty Mac left the White House.

I've got a message for Rocky:

Rocky, I'm glad that you came out of Katrina with enough resources to go on your little road-trip-of-the-damned-and-damned-stupid. I'm glad that your family survived. I'm sorry that St. Bernard Parish basically got wiped off of the fucking map. I'm sorry that the majority of the media never even MENTION St. Bernard, unless they need to put some white people into the montage.

But Rocky, you are a traitor of the worst order. You are a traitor to humanity, you are a traitor to your state and your ancestors, and you are a traitor to your country. You serve the same purpose as "reality" shows, Rocky. You're just a bullshit billboard that's supposed to cover up the real horrors and the true crimes. You're a tool, Rocky, and you and your buddies think that that makes you a hero.

You're not a hero, Rocky, you're an accessory to murder. And I hope that when you go home, if you pass through Orleans, that instead of repeating The White American's Mantra of "Well, if those n*****s weren't so fucking lazy, then they'd have gotten this shit FIXED by now!", that you'll finally realize whom you have betrayed with your little moment in the spotlight. I hope that somehow, someday, it all comes home to you that you are a coward, a thief, and a killer. And I sure as hell hope that it happens soon.

But I'm not holding my breath.

UPDATE: Mentis Fugit and all of the other wonderful commenters have vindicated my initial gut feeling about ol' Rockey. He ain't just a "Katrina Survivor." He's one of the douchebags who occupy that Republicunt Headquarters office above the Klan shop.

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