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Wednesday, August 16

They Banned Guns, Box Cutters, Nail Clippers and Toothpaste On Planes

Now It's Our Gel Bras.
Where Will The Madness End?

Since women are now suspects in airline terrorism "plots", authorities in the US are warning women not to wear gel bras on planes. They think that you could make a bomb in one of these babies. Pretty soon, they'll just ban women on planes altogether. Why don't they just shut down all the airlines until we win the "war on terra"™?

How are they planning to enforce this? Maybe flyers should all be subject to cavity checks and then fly naked?

Interesting comments after the article. Quite a few people said that they don't mind being checked because they feel safer, some ridiculed women in general and some suggested that we ought to employ racial profiling in the airports.

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