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Thursday, August 31

"The Rocky Trailer Picture Show"

Jon Stewart IS THE MASTER!

On this one year anniversary of Katrina, I have read about (thanks to Annti) and been made aware of, so much that I never knew. Nothing could have stopped this monster's landfall, but we certainly are capable of preserving life and home in anticipation of such a storm. After reading the latest about how so many warnings from experts were ignored, it has become obvious to me that the entire bush regime chose NOT to take this seriously. Now, we see what happens when we don't pay attention to what our "elected" politicians are/are not doing. They are a bunch of morons and we need to send them and their side show on an extended tour.

This video of Jon Stewart's reaction to the Rocky "trailer episode" says is all. Rocky -- "A Hurricane Katrina victim proves to be the anti-Cindy Sheehan."

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