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Tuesday, August 15

Remember its all THEIR Fault

Yes, I am STILL p.o.'d at having our democratic process stolen out from under us. Diebold is bad enough but to publically call voters who didn't vote the way YOU wanted them to terrorists? I would pay good money to see someone take a 2 x 4 to that asshat's head on national television right now.

But while they yammer on and on about the 'war on terrah' (tm) please remember. The worst terrorist attack on American soil happened under THEIR watch. The Patriot Act which started the process of stripping away our liberties? Their watch. Iraqi war which so far has caused over 2,500 American deaths and 100,000 Iraqi deaths. Not only their watch, but their choice and their lies. The FUBAR of Homeland Security and FEMA, their watch. The massive, never before seen and may they never been seen again profits of oil companies...hell do you even need to ask the Texas boy how that happened?

Katrina and its citizens left to drown and rot was apparently less of a concern to our current crop of politician than the fact that Steve and John might fall in love and marry. Wiretapping without warrant or even evidence of any wrong doing in many occasions not nearly as important to them as all those Mexicans crossing over the border.

I am sure our readers can add a great deal more to this, but I want people to remember how screwed up this country is right now. I want SO MANY people to turn out to vote and I want SO MANY of those voters to toss out the incumbents that Diebold CANNOT lie about the results. I want our scientists to be able to work freely without the religions right dictating what is and is not 'moral' research. I want my political representative to represent the PEOPLE, not the vocal wingnuts who take bigotry and martyr complexes to a new high. I want to feel safe walking down the street, not because of big brother, but because crimes against women are treated as crimes, not 'boys will be boys' bullshit.

I want a lot of things for myself, my country and my family, but for right now I'll settle for a new congress with fresh blood, common sense and the ability to debate without resorting to schoolyard tactics and media spin

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