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Friday, August 25

"REAL Women of Canada" are putting up a fight

If anyone is interested in what women are fighting about in Canada, check out the latest battle going on in the blogosphere up north.

A group called
REAL Women of Canada and similar pro-Conservative Internet blogs, have signed onto a campaign to eliminate
Status of Women, Canada which is a "Trudeau-era federal agency that promotes women's equality and advancement".

Here is the message that is being widely discussed and supported among some in the Conservative Internet community:

“Like typical radical feminists, they have decided that they speak for all women, and they only consult those groups and women that agree with their agenda,” says an entry on the Big Blue Wave blog from Suzanne, who does not give her last name.

"So it's a bunch of radical feminist bureaucrats consulting radical feminists to hear what they want to hear to promote more radical feminism on my dime.”

Says blogger Steven Janke of Angry in the Great White North: “Any women's group that does not subscribe to a ‘woman as the victim' view is likely to leave empty-handed if it were to ask for funding.”

"REAL Women of Canada's objectives include promoting equality. The organization, which has not received federal funding for several years, is also against abortion and same-sex marriage. It advocates a “Judeo-Christian” understanding of marriage and family life."

Here is a comment from the Real Women website:

"In order to offset this national feminist effort to protect feminist control in Canada, it would be appreciated if you would write immediately to the Prime Minister, relevant Members of his Cabinet (list below), and your MP and the opposition leaders who are all being inundated with letters to support feminist policies and funding of the Status of Women."

The group also has a problem with the letters that support of Status of Women: "letters pouring in to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet and individual MPs from across the country expressing concerns about the disbandment of the Status of Women."

They are upset with the theme of these letters:

"shelters for abused women and children protect them from the violence." (No mention of the studies which indicate that half of domestic violence is instigated by the women.)


I have to ask: what does the term 'radical feminist' mean?

If it means a woman that would despise a group like REAL women, then I guess I am a radical feminist. Would you call those of us that hang out at Blondesense, radical feminists? Just curious....

Here is the link to the rest of the globeandmail article.

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