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Thursday, August 24

Random Spewings

Well, I'm in a bit of a funk this morning.

I'm rather amused that if Jesus exists and did return to our present time he would immediately be hit with racial/terrorist profiling and either imprisoned in Gitmo or shot.

I'm extremely upset that Marines who have already served 2, 3 and 4 tours of duty are being forcibly recalled. And we all know that the next step would have to be a draft. And my brother STILL cannot get out as he was stop-gapped after his last enlistment ended (he's been in 20 years now, right out of school and into the Army).

I am amazed that only 25% of the population realizes that the USA is in more danger now than it was prior to 9/11. Which brings me to my next rather irksome realization:

I come from an extremely mixed family (socially, religiously, nationality) Many of my parents generation are/were extraordinarily religious (ie. mennonite, missionary, etc). I've noticed that my generation have, as a rule, broken that chain and tend to be more 'open-minded' about a lot of things. This is especially true in politics. Almost without fail every member of my parents generation (most of whom were conscientious objectors during Vietnam and Korea) are in favour of the war, stating that 'something had to be done'.

When my generation countered that 'fine, do something but why not to Osama instead of another nation that had nothing to do with 9/11' some of them gave blank stares, some insisted that (yes STILL) Saddam was the one behind 9/11. (Oddy enough the more fundamental their religious beliefs, the more they insisted this lie was the truth, despite our explaining the facts to them). When asked about Katrina and its aftermath most fell quite (the reunion was in North Carolina, lots of friends and family in that area) and most had NO IDEA that major infrastructures, homes and huge swaths of land remained in the same condition as a week after the waters receded. Many didn't even realize that the evacuees had not and probably never would be able to return to homes that not only were no longer there, but that the govn had 'reclaimed' that land as it was now considered 'unliveable'.

Yes, my family reunions are heaps of fun, /sarcasm. Luckily the children were outside playing while most of this was going on, although my 11 yo came in with her 4 yo niece to get some watermelon and joined in the convo for a few minutes. She floored her grandparents and the older generation with her knowledge of world events as seen through the eyes of a child, and luckily her language is a lot 'cleaner' than mine would have been.

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