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Friday, August 18

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

It's hard work trying to find a good one for y'all. See if you like this one.
If not, post your own in the comments.

A tourist stops to pose with one of the many phalluses at "Love Land" in South Korea.
Salacious Disneyland

Just behind the entrance to Love Land, an acrobatic, oral-sex ensemble greets visitors. It shows a man and two women -- one woman has her legs wrapped around the man's neck and looks like she's going to break her own neck any minute. The acrobatic threesome is illuminated at night, just like the other exhibits here: the nipple mountain crowned with pink nubs or the sturdy erect penises that rise up from the goldfish pond like a fountain. The sculptures are so explicit you can't help stopping in front of them with a mixture of disbelief and amusement -- even as a jaded Western tourist.

These people have it going on. Talk about a fun place to go to rekindle your sparks. Could you imagine this in Murka? It would cause an instantaneous rapture.

Here in Murka, we have creationist theme parks depicting humans and dinosaurs co-existing, we have Bible theme parks featuring the Holy Rollercoaster and humongous theme parks based on cartoon characters. Are we big babies here or what?

Maybe we should plan a blogger convention there? I'm game.

Do click here to read the article and do not forget to click on the photogallery if no one is looking over your shoulder.

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