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Wednesday, August 16

More Great Bumper Stickers

A week ago or so, Annti posted links to a couple of great sites selling most excellent bumper stickers. A friend sent me these today. Unfortunately, my friend's email did not come with links to sites where these are sold. Some are oldies but goodies, a few I hadn't seen before, but all are damn good fun. My favorites are highlighted.

Poverty, Health Care, & Homelessness Are Moral Issues
Of Course It Hurts. You're Getting Screwed By An Elephant.
Bush Lied, And You Know It
Religious Fundamentalism: A Threat Abroad, A Threat At Home
God Bless Everyone (No Exceptions)
Bush Spent Your Social Security On His War
Pro America, Anti Bush
Who Would Jesus Bomb?
If You Support Bush's War, Why Are You Still Here? Shut Up And Ship Out
Feel Safer Now?
I'd Rather Have A President Who Screwed His Intern Than One Who Screwed His Country
Jesus Was A Social Activist -- That Is A Liberal.
My Values? Free Speech. Equality. Liberty. Education. Tolerance
Is It 2008 Yet?
Dissent Is The Highest Form Of Patriotism -- Thomas Jefferson
Don't Blame Me. I Voted Against Bush -- Twice!
Annoy A Conservative: Think For Yourself
Visualize Impeachment
Hey Bush! Where's Bin Laden?
Corporate Media = Mass Mind Control
Stop Mad Cowboy Disease
George W. Bush: Making Terrorists Faster Than He Can Kill Them
Keep Your Theocracy Off My Democracy
Democrats Are Sexy. Whoever Heard Of A Good Piece Of Elephant?
Aspiring Canadian (NB: Substituting New Zealander is an acceptable alternative)
Corporate Media: Weapons Of Mass Deception
Don't Confuse Dying For Oil With Fighting For Freedom
Stem Cell Research Is Pro Life
Hate, Greed, Ignorance: Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Honor Our Troops: Demand The Truth
Rebuild Iraq? Why Not Spend $87 Billion On America?
Fact: Bush Oil 1999 -- $19 Barrel 2006 -- $70 Barrel
The Last Time Religion Controlled Politics, People Got Burned At The Stake
I'll Give Up My Choice When John Roberts Gets Pregnant
How On Earth Can 59,411,287 People Be So Dumb?
Staying The Course Is Not A Strategy
Support Our Troops - Hold Their Leaders Accountable

Which are your favorites?

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