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Friday, August 25

Look Who's Taking A Vacation

As you know, Bush is not really a Texan, let alone a cowboy (doesn't ride horses) or a rancher (doesn't own livestock). He's really a New Englander, but his preference for bad manners makes him unsuitable for the upper crust in the northeast. He opted for a faux cowboy meets Texas oilman persona thus insulting the intelligence of two Texas traditions in one. But hey, that's Texas' problem if folks there actually buy his 'down home bubba' act (although I think most people have caught on).

Dubya prefers to prepare for the climate in the afterlife in the extreme heat of his faux ranch in Crawford. His family enjoys the compound by the sea at Kennebunkport, Maine. This weekend Dubya and Jenna will be making a rare appearance in Maine for a fishing trip with Bush I on the ironically named boat, Fidelity III. Where is Laura? We haven't heard very much from Daddy Bush since his son screwed up the entire world and set America back 500 years by being the contrary son. I am secretly hoping that Dubya gets a good kick in the pants from his father.

Read this piece on Family Time in Maine for more

UPDATE: We don't know if Bush I kicked Bush II's arse, but a war widow did when she met with Dubya yesterday. Read about it.

UPDATE SAT: 700 protesters came within a half mile of the Bush compound in Kennebunkport. A Bush spokesperson said, "As the president has said, Americans are free to protest."

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